22nd World conference on disaster management (WCDM) - Canada

Meeting or Conference
Canadian Centre for Emergency Preparedness (CCEP)
25-27 Jun 2012
Canada (Toronto)
Metro Toronto Convention Centre Shoth Building

Program Overview - Innovative Solutions for a Modern World

WCDM recognizes the many challenges that the industry is faced with. It will take progressive minds and collective thoughts to develop innovative strategies that will sustain future infrastructures. WCDM 2012 has injected this forward thinking into our program and is ready to share it with you!

WCDM’s program continued focus is to help break down silos and encourage professionals in all fields of disaster management, in both public and private sectors, to work together. WCDM offers the great opportunity to network with peers and colleagues from over 35 countries who share the same challenges and have the same goals. The international selection of expert presenters from around the world are carefully selected from over 280 to deliver 74 ground-breaking sessions. Not only will they help to learn, they will challenge the participants to solve problems with innovative solutions and theories and to look into the future to better understand emerging risks and threats.

The conference will cover the following topics:

- Innovations in the Crisis Field
- The Search for Resiliency
- Real Life – Real Lessons
- Dealing with Future Threats
- Growth for the Professional

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Public-private Partnerships, Disaster Risk Management, Critical Infrastructure

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