E-learning course on climate-smart agriculture through sustainable land-water management

Training Course
World Bank, the (WB)
26 Mar - 06 Apr 2012
United States of America (Washington D.C.)

This course provides you with practical knowledge about how climate change is likely to impact agriculture, food production and security, and what actions can be taken to increase agriculture productivity, build resilience to mitigate the negative impacts of climate change, as well as contribute to the reduction of GHG emission through practicing climate-smart agriculture – both in policies and practices.

This course is not intended to be a “complete guide” to climate smart agriculture. It focuses on a few aspects relating to the triple-win nature of agriculture and good landscape management, through managing land and water, illustrating with practical examples on “how-to” achieve them. It draws primarily from the World Bank knowledge base through operations, and formulation and implementation of development projects and policies.

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US $ 200

Target audience

This course is targeted to leaders, policy analysts, professionals and practitioners who work on agricultural production, land and agricultural water issues.

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Climate Change, Governance, Water, Social Impacts & Resilience, Food Security & Agriculture
United States of America

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