International disaster management course

Training Course
Centro de estudios en desastres y emergencias
21 May - 03 Jun 2012
Spain (Madrid)
CEDEM, Hileras 4, 28013, Madrid

The International Disaster Management Course is a two week intensive course which combines solid scientific knowledge with a practical approach. It includes participative presentations, student group work and a three day disaster response exercise in AID CAMP, a 40.000 sq. meters facility design to develop humanitarian aid advanced simulations. The field exercise includes practice of communications, NFI distributions, hostile situations management, map reading, 4x4 driving and a 15 min. helicopter flight.

Limited number of participants

In order to ensure maximum participation and quality, participants will be limited to 15. For the security course, 6 additional participants will be admitted.

Course content

The course is composed of several thematic areas, and includes the security and field deployment course.

The security and field deployment course may be taken separately (this course only)

• Principles in Disasters
- The problem of definition
- The disaster cycle
- Myths and misconceptions: what you will not find
- Common features of disasters: what you will find

• Disaster Risk Reduction
- Risk maps
- Vulnerability and capacity
- Early warning systems
- Community based disaster risk reduction

• Disaster Response and recovery
- Humanitarian aid operations
- Shelter after disasters
- Sphere Project
- Emergency management
- Disasters and development

• Security and field deployment
- Basic 4x4 driving
- Map reading
- Hostile situation management
- Armed conflict scenarios
- First aid
- Communications

Course venue location

The first part of the course will take place in CEDEM. It is located in a very centric location in Madrid, walking distance to many hotels and city landmarks and monuments, such as Plaza Mayor, Royal Palace, Prado Museum, Thyssen Museum, Opera House, and the Madrid old quarters. We recommend to select a nearby hotel to enjoy a nice daily walk to CEDEM and remain in the very heart of the city.

Course norms

The use of laptops and mobile phones during classes (including the silent mode, texting or leaving the classroom to attend calls) IS STRICTLY FORBIDEN. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule. We are very strict about issues which affect lecturers and participants concentration as well as course quality.


Full attendance is mandatory to obtain the certificate.


Be aware that you cannot leave AID CAMP by any other means than the course convoy. We will leave AID CAMP on Sunday 3rd and drop you at the Madrid Airport before 15:00. Should you book your flight for Monday morning and spend Sunday’s night in Madrid, the convoy will drop you at the city Centre.

Additional information

Event fee

2.200 euros

What is included in the event fee

- Tuition, training materials, coffee and lunch (in class days) and three days at AID CAMP, 4x4 driving and a helicopter flight.
- In case you register in the Security and field deployment module only , the fee is 1.300 euros

How to register

Please download application form


Capacity Development, Community-based DRR, Early Warning, Recovery, GIS & Mapping, Disaster Risk Management

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