3rd annual China international disaster reduction and emergency service show

Meeting or Conference
Beijing Singls International Exhibition Company Limited
07-09 May 2012
China (Beijing)
China World Trade Center

The 3rd IDRES China 2012 is a comprehensive exposition with the theme of disaster protection, reduction and emergency, hi-tech characteristic, whose purpose is to provide an open platform for disaster reduction and emergency industry. Recently, China allots ten billions yuan to buy disaster reduction equipment and products every year, which means government’s great attention to Chinese disaster reduction affair.

Exhibitions Scope

1. Disaster Forecast and Inspection

Disaster warning, prevention, measurement, test and quality inspection equipment and application tech including earthquake, meteorology, ocean, flood, drought and fire disaster.

2. Disaster Assistance Tech and Equipment

Emergency communication equipment including satcom stations, shortwave radio, mobile emergency communications vehicle, emergency communication net system, video conference system, mobile video tech, satellite navigation system, GPS, RS, GIS service and so on.

3. Emergency Security Equipment

Emergency conduction and command platform, emergency rescue and conduction system, storage cart, command car, camping car and other special vehicle, smoke equipment, water treatment system, all sorts of environmet protection tech, etc.

4. Emergency First-aid and Quarantine

Sampling supplies on site, medical devices, disaster assistance drugs, ambulances, health quarantine cars and other special vehicles, hospital’s emergency rescue service, on-site mobile first-aid medical tech, etc.

5. Emergency Engineering Rescue

Lifting, supporting equipment, rescue equipment, power distribution vehicle, car repair and other special cars, large-type excavators, re-construction equipment, etc. Emergency rescue equipment including lighting equipment, thermal imagination system instrument, air respirator, search & rescue equipment, lifesaving aparatus, rescue monitor system of voice and video, life sensor, and rescue vehicle, etc.

6. Consulting Agencies of Finance, Bank, Insurance, Real Estate and Investment.

7. Relief Material Reserves and Public Disaster Reduction and Emergency Products:

Tent, cotton, quilt, food, drink, first-aid products, communication, lighting, heating, and self-help escape tool, etc.

8. Safety Potection Tech and Equipment

Personal prevention tool, security prevention of financial system, fire rescue instrument, anti-terrorism equipment, police equipment, detection equipment for safety production, safety prevention tech facility, environment protection facility, traffic safety facility, machine safety system, monitor system, fire alarm system and special safety vehicle, etc.

9. Achievement Display

Advanced technology of disaster prevention and relief, software stitulation, programme, education and training, design and urban emergency system, etc.

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Capacity Development, Early Warning, Insurance & Risk Transfer, Space Technology, GIS & Mapping, Economics of DRR, Disaster Risk Management
Drought, Earthquake, Flood, Wild Fire

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