Meeting or Conference
Generalitat de Catalunya, IGC y Parcs de Catalunya); Institute of Earth Sciences Jaume Almera; Spain - government, Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovacion)
21-25 May 2012
Spain (Olot)
Volcandpark is the first congress on the management of protected volcanic areas, including raising pubic awareness and geotourism. It aims to provide a forum for reflection and debate, combining knowledge of volcanology with land management and disseminating this information to the people who work in these volcanic areas. (National Parks, Natural Parks, Nature Reserves, etc.).

The conference will develop four main themes:

• Management of protected volcanic areas;
• Scientific values of, and research in, protected volcanic areas;
• Communicating heritage values through education and interpretation,
• Geotourism as a factor of economic and community sustainable development in protected volcanic areas.

The meeting will include four main symposia, each addressing one of the main themes, and will combine oral presentations in the morning (invited keynotes) and posters in the afternoon, that will be exhibited and anyone who desires it can present them orally. The meeting is intended to promote discussion forums for each of the respective topics and, in particular, interdisciplinary, cross-boundary discussions. Emphasis will be given to poster presentations and discussion forums, through to short talks.


• Experience of good practice “Management of volcanolgical landscape and your society”
• Integrated risk management in a protected volcanic park
• Progress in the protection of the volcanic terrains
• Volcanological research in protected areas
• The ecological benefits and adaptations in volcanic zones
• Spiritual and intangible cultural heritage in volcanoes
• Examples of management: education, geotourism, landscape awareness raising and communication in a natural park
• Environmental education and communication in protected areas

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Event fee

Before 15 February 2012, General: 350 €, Students/Unemployed: 175 €; After 15 February 2012, General: 425 €, Students/Unemployed: 250 €

Target audience

• Scientists and the university community working on research projects whose field of action is volcanic areas and who wish to communicate or disseminate their data.
• Officers and managers of natural parks, national parks and nature reserves whose mission is to preserve the natural heritage of volcanic areas and volcanoes.
• Monitors, information staff and guides in volcanic areas who prepare or impart environmental education programmes either for visitors or local residents.
• Teachers whose curricula include the subject of volcanism.
• Professionals and companies whose work involves the conservation of our geological heritage.
• Students of protected volcanic areas.
• People working in the field of geotourism in volcanic areas.

How to register

Registration with Volcandpark is dependent on the payment of the corresponding (see information on fees and cancellation policies) fees via Paypal. All registrations have to be made via web page.


Education & School Safety, Environment, Media, Disaster Risk Management

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