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¡Alerta SISMO! [Earthquake ALERT!] - Family Emergency Plan

¡Alerta SISMO! is a product created as a result of a research project conducted by the National University of San Juan, Argentina, which concluded at the end of 2005. The project was led by architects Maria Isabel Balmaceda and Alicia Violeta Malmod.

This is a multimedia software intended especially for people concerned for the safety of their family members. It promotes the adaptation of spaces within and around the house, as well as the development of behaviors for earthquake prevention. It also offers a guide for developing family emergency plans.

¡Alerta SISMO II! – Family Emergency Plan is an effective and an easy-to-use tool that takes advantage of the communication potential of new technologies, and represents an ideal resource to be used by, for instance, neighborhood associations and community centers, as well as by families in their own homes.

This is the second component of the series titled ¡Alerta SISMO! and complements the first component, ¡Alerta SISMO! – Earthquake Prevention in Schools, which serves as a tool for teachers of General Basic Education levels 1 and 2, and reinforces the efforts made by teachers at school through a clear message developed at home.

For further information, please contact:
Alicia V. Malmod
Maria Isabel Balmaceda
Regional Planning and Habitat Institute
School of Architecture, Urbanism and Design
National University of San Juan, Argentina