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Degree in Sustainable Irrigation
Management to Prevent Drought

The Bayamo Municipal Campus of the University of Granma offered a degree in Sustainable Irrigation Management to Prevent Drought from February 2005 to February 2006. The program was attended by 16 professionals from agencies of both the Ministry of Agriculture in the province of Granma and the Sugar Ministry.

Photo: J.Jenkins PAHO/WHO

The curriculum was designed to provide professionals with the theoretical and practical expertise needed to develop and manage scientifically and efficiently a number of processes such as irrigation programming, water quality management, organizational design of irrigation technologies, poor drainage and salinity prevention, pump operation design, and drought impact mitigation. Consistent with emerging trends in the use of innovative methods, this program deepens and updates expertise relating to the energy consumption and financial assessment aspects of investments in irrigation by presenting the most feasible experiences and approaches to sustainable irrigation management in the context of existing constraints.

This degree program will be taught again on the same campus in November 2006. This time, the program will be intended for foreign professionals.

For further information, please contact:
Dr. Ángel Álvarez Chacón, V.M. PhD
Bayamo Municipal Campus
University of Granma
C. P. 85100 Apdo. 21 Bayamo-Granma Cuba.