International Strategy for Disaster Reduction
Latin America and the Caribbean   

Newsletter ISDR Inform - Latin America and the Caribbean
Issue: 13/2006- 12/2006 - 11/2005 - 10/2005 - 9/2004 - 8/2003 - 7/2003 - 6/2002 - 5/2002 - 4/2001- 3/2001




Winds, earthquakes, tsunamis and other natural catastrophes.

Latin American cases and stories

During catastrophes, nature’s sonorous voice is heard even stronger, especially if it causes death and destruction. A catastrophe represents a circumstance where both vices and virtues are magnified. It is through such an event that attitudes revealing solidarity and willingness to help become evident but, at the same time, business opportunism, political machinations and abusive situations also arise. Stories and cases have the dual ability to both evoke the past and also offer some of the current characteristics of society.

In this book, urban life in different places of Latin America is linked to different historic periods of natural catastrophes. By doing so, our understanding of the past not only helps to explain our present but also and above all, contributes to fostering actions that will allow us to enjoy a more secure society for all.

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