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Chile ONEMI achieves major educational and integral goals in the field of civil protection

In the context of the “National Month for Civil Protection”, the government of Chile, through its specialized body, the National Emergency Office of the Ministry of the Interior (ONEMI), met two major goals in the field of integral training on civil protection. These objectives were achieved through the signing of agreements with the most prestigious academic Chilean institutions, which will contribute to train specialists on national risk management.

In this manner, on October 10, an Academic Protocol was signed with the University of Chile -the most important institution of higher education in Chile. The protocol includes the implementation of different actions through the University’s Institute for Communications and Image, and the School of Journalism. These actions are aimed at training professionals so that they can serve as agent for integrating existing knowledge of risk management and social communications. The first academic activity, in the context of this agreement, was carried out last November ( The signing ceremony of this Protocol was headed by the Rector of the University of Chile and the Under-Secretary of the Interior.

In addition, on October 14, the “Program on Disaster Prevention, Management and Planning” was inaugurated at the Army Academy. This event brought together high-level civil and military authorities. The Program’s courses, intended for directors of both public and private institutions, will be taught jointly with ONEMI.

This program represents the first joint action developed in the framework of the Cooperation Agreement signed by ONEMI and the Army Academy during the celebration of the “National Month for Civil Protection” in 2002.

This year’s activities ended on October 23 with the “First National Exercise for School Security”, which also represented the end of the first stage of a broader process aimed at developing the Integral Plan for School Security, developed by the Ministry of Education for all educational institutions in Chile.

For further information, please contact:
Carmen Fernández Gibas:
Head, Civil Protection