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Meetings & conferences on disaster reduction

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November 2007

Date & Location
Meeting or Conference
14th to 16th of November 2007


High Level Conference of the Caribbean States Association on Disaster Risk Reduction

Organized by the CSA (Caribbean States Association)

A High Level Conference of the CSA on Disaster Risk Reduction will take place in Port au Prince, Haiti from the 14th to 16th of November 2007. By decision of the Natural Disasters Special Committee, the first day of the conference will be devoted to two workshops, one in Risk Transference and the other on Disasters and Sustainable Tourism. The proposed format for the respective panels is 1 moderator, 2 international organizations and 2 CSA members.

TEL.: 808..622-9575

15th and 16th of November, 2007


The Social Development Secretariat –SEDESOL (in Spanish) and the Center for Research and Higher Studies on Social Anthropology –CIESAS (in Spanish) are pleased to invite you to the Seminar on Risk Prevention, Disasters and Vulnerabilities in human settlements, local, national and international experiences in the urban context.

For more information:
Fax: (01 55) 50 80 09 71
 Fax: (01 55) 55 13 49 72  CIESAS before 15th of November, 2007


November 20, 2007


DIPECHO Regional Consultation Workshop

Organized by ECHO

DIPECHO´s Regional Consultation Workshop in Central America organized by the department of humanitarian aid of the European Commission has as objective to identify jointly with its strategic partners, the regional priorities of the next DIPECHO´s action plan for Central America.

TEL.: 505...270 6201 Ext. 110


November 1

The Second Good Practices Virtual Forum, under the sponsorship of the Inter-American Network for Disaster Mitigation (INDM). This Forum’s theme will be dedicated exclusively to “Risks and Extreme Hydrological Events:
Flood Early Warning and Resilience Capacity”, the first one under the Network’s platform. During the months of October thru December 2007, Latin-American and Caribbean experts will share successful experiences and practices through the RIMD Virtual Forum Platform, which will be used as
reference cases in further discussions allowing the transfer and identification of “good” practices.
This Second Virtual Forum will resume discussions and exchanges carried out during the Sixth
Inter-American Dialogue on Water Management, which took place in Guatemala between the 12
and 17 of this past August.

For more information contact:

Pablo González

Jefe, Reducción de Riesgo a los Peligros Naturales

Departamento de Desarrollo Sostenible – SG/OEA

Co-presidente de la Red Interamericana de Mitigación de Desastres (RIMD)


From 5 - 9 of november

San José, Costa Rica

III Iberoamerican Congress on Development and Environment CISDA 2007

Organized by the National University (UNA), internationally promoted by (REDIBEC) Iberoamerican Net of Ecological Economy and the Global Union for Nature Conservation (UICN), which will take place around the 5th and 9th november of 2007 at the Omar Dengo Campus of the National University in Heredia.

Its main objective is to conform a plural discussion space, with scientifical and social concepts, methodologies and experiences regarding the public, private and academic sector.
Motivated by the actual global problematic and its urgent need for attention involving main themes like public politics and local proceedings, we are organizing the symposium in Climate Change and Hydrometeorological  events, therefore we are extending an invitation for you to assist, either as representant or participant. For further information visit

For any additional information regarding costs and logistic aspects involving this activity please contact following phone number: (506) 263-45-52 Greivin  Rodríguez Calderón or contact following email address:, y,

Any kind of information regarding the simposium can be send to Carmen Monge,


From 27th to 30th

La Habana, Cuba


4th Workshop on Engineering and Architecture for Reduction of Risks TIARD (Initials in Spanish

The National Center of Reference for Prevention and Mitigation of Disasters, PREMIDES (initials in Spanish), invites all those professionals related to the reduction of disasters to take part of the workshop and to exchange valuable insights with the goal of reducing human and material losses starting from the application of an adequate policy of prevention and mitigation of disasters that takes into account sustainable development.

For further information please contact:
PREMIDES / CECAT / Facultad de Ingeniería Civil / CUJAE
Calle 114, No 11901, e/ 119 y 127, CP.19390. Marianao, Ciudad de la Habana, Cuba.
(537)266 3836, (537) 266 3827
President of the Organizing Committee: Prof. Dr. Eng. Carlos Llanes Burón

MSc. Emigdo Suárez Suárez
Executive Secretary of the 4th TIARD
Centro de Referencia para la Prevención y Mitigación de Desastres (PREMIDES)
Centro de Estudios de Construcción y Arquitectura Tropical (CECAT)
Facultad de Ingeniería Civil
Instituto Superior Politécnico José Antonio Echeverría (CUJAE)
Calle 114 No 11901 entre 119 y 127
CUJAE, Marianao, Ciudad de la Habana, Cuba, P.O.Box 19390
(537) 266 3827, (537) 266 3840

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December 2007

Date & Location
Meeting or Conference

10-14 December


The Caribbean Disaster Emergency Response Agency (CDERA) in association with
its Partners will host the second Caribbean Conference on Comprehensive
Disaster Management at the Hilton Barbados, Needham’s Point, Barbados,
December 10-14, 2007. The purpose of the annual CDM Conference in keeping
with the purpose of the CDM Strategy will be to promote disaster loss
reduction in the Caribbean.

The path for the region as it relates to the advancement of disaster risk
reduction in the region in the context of the Hyogo Framework has been
carved through the revised CDM Strategy and Framework 2007.

 For more information visit:

February 2008

Date & Location
Meeting or Conference

February 25th & 26th

Ontario, Canada

Upwind Downwind 2008

The 2008 Upwind Downwind Conference: Climate Change & Healthy Cities will be
held on February 25th & 26th, 2008 at the Hamilton Convention Centre in
Hamilton, Ontario. The two day conference will focus on Air Quality and
Climate Change and the linkages with public health, planning and action.

 For more information visit:

Please submit information on upcoming events related to disaster reduction to, indicating the meeting or conference title, date, location, contact person, email address and website (if available).