Raise awareness in your community! You too have an active and important role
to play in making your community aware of the need for disaster prevention.

Here are some examples of what you can do to reduce the impact of disasters on your community. Discuss these examples in class
with your teacher:

Spot dangerous places…
Do you know which places in your community high -risk, places that are dangerous to live
in? Draw a risk map with your classmates, with the help of your teacher. Discuss possible solutions for reducing the risks. (Go to page 14 to learn what a risk map is and how to
draw one.)
Organize prevention campaigns…
What happens if we dump garbage in the wrong place, such as a river bottom? The river
will be polluted, animals and plants may die, and you might even start a flood! Maybe you
and your classmates, together with your teacher, could organize a campaign to clean up
the rivers in your community.
Encourage people to protect nature…
As we saw earlier, cutting down trees at a fast rate makes our communities more
vulnerable to rain and landslides. You can promote planting trees and other plants in your school or in your community. By doing so, you protect nature and you help prevent
landslides, soil erosion, and other negative consequences.