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Sustainable Development
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The Inter-American Development Bank is conducting public consultations on the profile of its new Disaster Risk Management Policy currently being developed for approval in 2006.

The purpose of the consultation process is to receive comments from government entities, civil society organizations and the private sector on the contents of the proposed Policy. As part of this consultation process, the profile of the Policy is now available for comments on the Bank's web site. Please find the profile of the Policy, the consultation plan and other supporting documents at:


Follow-Up Actions to The Outcome Of The Plan Of Implementation In Relation To Disaster Reduction
of the World Summit on Sustainable Development

Commission on Sustainable Dsevelopment

The 11th Session of CSD (2003) adopted the themes of disaster management and vulnerability to be reviewed in its fifth cycle (2014-2015). In light of the crosscutting nature of the issues, risk management and vulnerability will also be examined in the context of other thematic clusters of CSD, such as water, sanitation and human settlements (2004-2005) and drought and desertification (2006-2007). For more information on the work and plans of the CSD:


Summary of action points related to disaster risk reduction in the Johannesburg Plan of Action

WSSD provided a timely reminder to the international community that faulty development and inappropriate use of resources are contributory factors to natural disasters. The Johannesburg Plan of Implementation (JPoI) includes commitments related to disaster and vulnerability reduction and improved early warning under the sections of protecting and managing the natural resource base of economic and social development, Africa, Small Island Developing States and means of implementation.
Attached find a compilation prepared by the ISDR Secretariat and Inter-agency Task Force members on initiatives in support of the various action points related to risk assessment and disaster reduction.

Disaster Reduction and Sustainable Development:
Understanding the links between vulnerability and risk to disasters related to development and environment

This background paper was developed in a participatory manner as a contribution to the process leading to the World Summit on Sustainable Development (Johannesburg, 26 August- 4 September 2002).

This final version of the ISDR background document includes an annex with the outcome from WSSD and the Johannesburg Plan of Implementation in relation to risk assessment and disaster reduction.