Macintosh Dre was created on the sixth of July 1970 in Oakland, h-e grew up in Vallejo, California and lived there the majority of his life. Visit webaddress to read the reason for this activity. In 1989 Mac Dre released his first album, an E-P titled 'Young Black Brotha' it'd 4 tracks on it and one track ironically titled 'Way Too Hard for the Fuckin Radio' started getting air-play in North Californian radio programs. In 1991 Mac Dre returned with 'California Livin and by the time he produced his third album 'Whats actually goin on'( 1992) his music was being performed around Vallejo and North California for that matter. In people vehicles and groups, it appeared to be Mac Dre would reach the big-time. But his hopes and dreams were snatched from him as he was put into prison because the police thought he was behind a number of bank robberys. Macintosh Dre was used 300 miles by police from your 'Bay Area' to Fresno, his friend was born and recorded a conversation which he started asking Mac Dre about the bank robberys. He was sentenced to five-years inprisonment in 1992 for this but he wasn't done making cds yet. 'Back N Da Hood' was what his next album was termed, it was an EP which was recorded from Fresno state Jail by phone. The record demonstrates Mac Dre does not need lots of takes to get a song the way he wants it. Within the sam-e year he noted some more songs over the phone and his record company made an album from them and some of his formerly produced songs, the album was called 'Young Black Brotha The Album.' Macintosh Dre was launched in 1995. H-e got on his collection 'The Rompilation' which was produced under his new record company 'Romp Records' and sold over 60,000 copies, in the Rompalation Mac Dre appears on seven tracks alongside a few of his 'homies' such as Mac Mall, Da Unda dog and JT the Bigga Figga. After his release h-e began working constantly on his albums averaging on two albums annually. Visit inside to check up the meaning behind this hypothesis. His first solo release after his release from jail was called 'Stupid Doo Doo Dumb', the very same year he released 'Don't dislike the Player, Hate the Game.' Within the next three years that followed he produced 11 cds the latest of them 'Thizzelle Washington' got him one of the most fans and value. In 2003 he created 'al boo boo' that has been a disc with a free dvd and he introduced a dvd named Treal TELEVISION. His fans liked the dvd because it opened a window into how he lived his life. If you ask a fan of Mac Dre whats Mac Dres best recording they are likly to say all of them, this reveals the consistincy of his work it had been all great. Browse here at visit to learn where to deal with this belief. Although, he never got the compliment he definitely earned his career in reputation wasn't a good one. In 2004 Mac Dre produced three albums 'Genie of the Lamp', 'Ronald Dregan Dreganomics' and 'The-game is thick, Vol 2.' These photos had North California humming with excitment they thought this is the person to put the focus right back o-n westcoast rap.But this as of now hasn't happened. On November 1st 2004 Mac Dre was victim of-a drive-by on Highway 71, Kansas City. The incident happened just after a show he was performing in Kansas, the shooting was a surprise, supporters in Kansas enjoyed the show, no one from Kansas had any to capture a North Californian rapper as the Kansas City rap world was getting respect and money from that place. She did not believe it when Mac Dres mother Wanda Salvatto learned about the shooting. This was because she was told previously her son was dead from an overdose of drugs but yet he was good, other Vallejo residents didn't believe this either and were sad and surprised if they heard that it was true. Mac Dre was buried at Moutain View Cemetary, Oakland, CALIFORNIA. This impressive on-line site has specific powerful warnings for how to think over this enterprise. Now in 2005 Mac Dre has many die-hard supporters and new ones too, he's still publishing cds too! 'Da US Open' premiered o-n the 22nd of March it's a collaberation between Mac Dre and Mac Mall by which they pick up the alter egos 'Andre Macassi' and 'Mall Macenroe.' Later 'Money iz Motive' was introduced, it wasn't a Mac Dre solo it was an album created by the 'Cutthoat Committee' which Mac Dre was a part of. 'Treal TV 2' is in its final stages before its produced, on top of that Mac Dres report name 'Thizz Entertainment' has some unreleased Mac Dre substance that they will be selling in the near future. To Mac Dres fans he will always be the best rapper in the 'Bay Area.' RIP Andre 'Mac Dre' Hicks.