Department of Sustainable Development



Cameron Ackerman

Technical expertise in River hydraulics, surface water hydrology, and GIS for surface water modeling.

6 years, Hydraulic Engineer, Hydrology and Hydraulics Technology Division, HEC. River analysis studies; research, development, and application of geographic information systems (GIS) methods for surface water modeling; and development of GIS-based flood warning and response system.

3 years, Hydraulic Engineer, Water Resource Systems Division and Planning Analysis Division, HEC. Research, development, and application of GIS methods for surface water modeling, flood damage analysis, and risk communication; riverine, wetland restoration, hydrology, and watershed impact analysis studies.

3 years, Civil Engineer Intern, HEC. Riverine and watershed studies; investigation of remote sensing techniques; effects of riverine wetlands for surface water hydrology; application of GIS methods for hydrologic analysis; development of GIS methods for surface water modeling.

2 seasons, Hydrology Crew Leader, USFS, Tahoe National Forest. Surveyed Sierra Nevada streams; fish and invertebrate sampling, movement of woody debris, channel characterization and measurement, Rosgen channel typing, monitor hydrologic impacts to watershed.

Phones: (530) 756-1104 ext. 358